** Montreal pickup/drop off **
I'll be visiting Montreal for Osheaga this year and can bring your order with me to save shipping costs :) Free pickup in the Plateau until about 1 pm between August 4-6 only, or can be dropped off in the surrounding areas at the same times. Please select local Halifax pickup at checkout and email loopsbylauryn@gmail.com to let me know you would like the order picked up or dropped off in Montreal. Please place your order before Friday July 28th to make sure it is ready by August 3rd when I leave.


2023 ordering waitlist will work as follows:

  1. Add your email to the list via the product page.
  2. When I am ready to take on orders for that item, I will send out a notification via email if you are next in the queue.
  3. Once you receive this notification, you can purchase the item through my website.
  • If you are on the waitlist for multiple items, you will receive a notification for all of them at once, but you can definitely pick and choose which ones you want.
  • One-off/unique items will not have a waitlist feature, and will be released as they are made for "drops"
  • I am hoping to complete items ordered from the waitlist within 1-2 weeks since I'll be able to manage my workload better, but if I do not have a certain yarn colour in my inventory it could take longer (if this is the case I'll let you know)


Are the items stretchy?

Yes, all of the items stretch to some extent. Knitted items are more stretchy than crocheted items. Knitted items include Cailyn, Julia, Kelsey, Mabel, Neha, Niamh, Quinn, Sara, and crocheted items include both shorts.

Knitted items appear smaller than they are on a hanger or laying flat, but when you put them on they will stretch to fit your form. They will stretch slightly over time, but will still keep their size and shape. I recommend choosing your size based on the size chart measurements.

If you are in between sizes, I recommend going with the smaller size.

Is sizing customizable?

Yes! Everyone has different proportions that may or may not be reflected in the size chart (bigger bust, longer torso, etc.). If you have any special sizing requests please let me know in the field provided when you add the item to your cart.

I'm currently working on extending the sizing chart past size 3X. Stay tuned!


How are your clothes priced?

All items are ethically hand made to order and take a long time to manufacture, as is reflected in the price. The price of each item is based on the materials cost, hours of labour, services used, etc.

For example, take the Cailyn Mesh Long Sleeve ($94 CAD). Here are some costs associated with it:

  1. Yarn: up to two balls, costs approximately $15 depending on the colour
  2. Labour: it usually takes me 3-4 hours to make one of these tops. Minimum wage in my area is $13.60, and living wage is $23.50.
  3. Website: a portion of my sales are allocated to pay for my website and fees every month.
  4. Materials: a portion of my sales are allocated to pay for my machines, hooks, needles, custom tags, shipping materials, etc. every month.

I understand these prices might be inaccessible for many, but unfortunately there is no way to have them lowered. I have to make sure I am being compensated for my time, as these items take much longer to make than similar items sold at fast fashion companies.

Do you offer trades?

If you're an artist (visual, tattoo, textiles, etc.) in Halifax, contact me if you would like to do a trade for one or more of my items! I also visit bigger cities such as Toronto and Montreal occasionally if you're based in Canada :)


How long does the process take?

Please allow time for me to hand make the items, as I am only one person with two hands! Regular orders will take about 1-2 weeks, but could potentially take longer if I do not have the yarn colour in stock. Custom orders will take 1-3 weeks to include the design process. After I have made the items, they will be shipped out the following Sunday.

What shipping service do you use?

International orders are sent through Canada Post, which hands the orders off to national shipping services in the receiving country (USPS, Royal Mail, etc.). Domestic orders are sent through either Canada Post or UPS.

How long does shipping take?

These items are shipped from Halifax, Canada. Depending on where you are in the world and which shipping speed you selected, this can take anywhere from 1-14 days. Standard shipping within Canada and USA usually takes 3-9 business days.

How do I arrange a pickup time?

You can email or DM me on Instagram to arrange a time once your order is marked as "ready for pickup" (you will receive an email when this happens). I am in the South End/Spring Garden area.

Is contactless pickup available?

Yes! When you contact me to arrange a pickup time, you can indicate if you would like me to leave it in the lobby before you come. If contactless pickup is not requested, I will meet you at my door to hand it to you.

Is local Halifax delivery available?

Yes! When checking out, you can choose "ship" then put in your address to see if you qualify for local delivery. Please only choose the local delivery option if you live on the Halifax peninsula (North End, West End, South End, Downtown) - I am delivering the items on my bike so I would prefer to not have to leave the city :')

Does my item have duties on it if shipped internationally?

Payment of duties and taxes incurred by international shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer. In my experience these orders are not met with duties, but it depends entirely on the country's guidelines.


My item doesn't fit - can I exchange for another size?

Yes, feel free to follow the return instructions below to send the item back, and let me know which size/colour you would like in return. The return shipping fees are the buyer's responsibility, but I will definitely cover the shipping cost to send the new item.

Can I return my item?

Yes, please follow the instructions below. You do not have to notify me for a return, but a quick heads up would be appreciated just so I can know when to look out for the package!

1. Return conditions

  • Must be sent within 30 days of receiving the package. I will use the date received on the original tracking page to calculate this, along with the date that the return package was sent.
  • Items must not be washed or damaged.
  • Original tags should be attached to the items.
  • Original packaging (such as thank you card, tissue paper, package) can be recycled unless you would like to send it back as well.

If the item is unraveling, has a large hole, is ripping, etc, please send a note via email or in the returned package explaining how it became damaged. If it was damaged by not following strict care instructions (e.g. putting the item in the washing machine or dryer) then I cannot refund or repair it unfortunately.

2. Return postage

Please send the items back to the address listed on the original shipping label. Return shipping fees are the buyer's responsibility.

Feel free to use any postal service, tracked or untracked, in any type of packaging. If item is untracked and it is not received, unfortunately I will not be able to offer a refund. If any assistance is required to fill out another label to send the package, please contact me as I definitely don't mind creating/emailing the label and billing your account!

3. Returning from multiple orders

If you are returning items from multiple orders, please notify me at loopsbylauryn@gmail.com. You can send the items in multiple packages, or send them all in one package.

4. Payment

Once the items are received and inspected, a full refund will be issued via the payment method you used (PayPal, ShopPay, credit card, etc).

My item has ripped, is unraveling, has a hole, etc. Can it be fixed or returned?

It can definitely be refunded or fixed free of charge! Email or DM me so that I can figure out how the item became damaged and find a solution. The most common way that knitwear becomes damaged is by getting a stitch snagged by a hook, jewelry piece, sharp object, etc. which may cause the fibres to rip and unravel.

Unfortunately if it was damaged by not following strict care instructions (e.g. putting the item in the washing machine or dryer) then I cannot refund or repair it. Keep in mind that these items are hand made and require special care - if you did not follow care instructions I will be able to tell.

I want to change or cancel my order - is this possible?

Email or DM me right away if you would like to change any details about your order. I can accommodate these changes on a case by case basis - depending on how far I am into the process of making your item, a change or cancellation may not be possible. Changes likely cannot be made after five days of ordering as I have to purchase yarn inventory for the colours chosen.


Email me or DM me if you have any further questions