Product care

Here is a guide to keeping your clothes in perfect condition over time! When purchasing, keep in mind that these products are handmade and require special care. If these instructions are not followed, the product may become damaged over time. These instructions currently apply to all products as all of them use 100% acrylic yarn, but in the future if more fibres/materials are used this page will updated.


All items are hand wash only. Please hand wash in cold water. Putting the item in a washing machine may cause holes and unraveling. Do not wash more than necessary, only wash when you really need to - the item can start to pill or lose its colour if washed too frequently. 


All items are air dry only. After washing, please hang item on a drying rack, clothing rack, or clothing hanger. Drying rack is preferred so that the item keeps its shape. Putting the item in a dryer may cause holes and unraveling. It will also cause the item to shrink significantly. 


It is recommended to fold your items and store in a drawer or shelf rather than hanging them. Hanging is okay for short periods of time, but over a long period of time it can stretch and damage the item.


Do not bleach or iron. Do not dry clean. For items with a neck hole (Cailyn), the hole may be slightly tight when putting it over your head for the first few times, it will stretch after a few wears. Don't force it and push too hard - this may rip the fibres. It will slide over your head with a gentle wiggle.

The most common way that knitwear can get damaged is by snagging a stitch on a hook, jewelry piece, sharp object, etc. which may cause the fibres to rip. To avoid this:

  • Put the item on before any jewelry or other accessories
  • Try not to wear with any layers on top (jackets, purses, etc.) that have protruding features such as buckles
  • Be careful when brushing up against walls or rough structures, as the materials can get snagged on nails and other objects